The next generation way to pay by check

Fairwaypay creates printable checks for you and delivers them via email. E-checks do everything and even more than traditional paper checks only we do it cheaper, quicker, easier, and more securely than the old-fashioned way to pay.

Save time

Fairwaypay checks take seconds, not days, to create and deliver. Mailed checks, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments can’t do that, leaving more time for business crucial projects.

Safe & secure

No need to store payee’s financial information — all you need is an email address. Your financial information is safely stored in an encrypted database and the Fairwaypay check is stored on a separate server and accessed via a password-protected link.

Scalable to your business needs

Whether you mail five checks a month or 50,000 checks a day, Fairwaypay can quickly meet your needs and streamline your payment process. What used to take days will take minutes.

Fairwaypay. Simplified check payments

  1. Log into Fairwaypay, enter check information and press send. Your payment is delivered instantly.
  2. Payee clicks on secure link in email and retrieves Fairwaypay check.
  3. Payee prints the Fairwaypay check. It looks like a traditional paper check.
  4. Payee deposits or cashes the Fairwaypay check at any bank.


  • Businesses spend too much money and time generating and delivering payments
  • No printing, stamp or envelope expenses
  • Push pay, don’t allow pull payments from vendors


E-checks have all protections and regulations of paper checks, plus additional security measures like encryption and delivery notification.


  • Send a payment to any email address in seconds using a PC or smart phone
  • Creating and sending an e-check takes less than one minute
  • Fairwaypay is faster, more secure, cheaper and greener


Know where your cash is with Fairwaypay digital payment history. You’ll easily track, schedule and record all payments.


Start saving on emailed check payments. Sign up for Fairwaypay now.